Introducing TechMaidens work-at-home services for small enterprises helping you save costs and continue to grow whilst meeting effective business demand, We offer an ethical virtual call centre providing jobs and independence to many people out there looking for flexible work and balance.

You can rest assured that your infrastructure is being looked after by agents who are calm and focused secure in their own work space and have 100 commitment in their roles. Customer will benefit from the self assurance and dedication our agents put into their work supporting you with scaling your service  to meet your demands, while also reducing the cost to provide services.

TechMaidens are introducing on shoring services with a dynamic call centre with agents skilled with multilingual skills we will support clients across such industries as Voluntary Charity Organisations, HealthcareeCommerceHigh Tech,Telecom, and Travel and Hospitality, retail, harnessing emerging technology to optimize customer experience, reduce operational costs, differentiate brands, and promote organizational growth.  

Benefits of becoming a member. Calling all mums, dads, students, young people and everyone else...

Work from home, in an office or abroad, flexibility to choose where you work is up to you. Flexible working hours helps in balancing your own business with young children.

If you’ve ever had a job where your boss didn’t really appreciate your talent, then you will experience a sense of purpose and satisfaction when you run your own business.  Without just being “mum”, you need to feel like your own person, and running your own business gives you an identity other than being a mother. It enhances your personal identity.

Being an member partner building self-employment for yourself in a business in which you share its value and missions can be your answer to the disparities experienced by many people in the corporate world.  TechMaidens is at the forefront of ‘homeshoring’, We will provide ample opportunity for people to explore the work from home option.

For more information email: or call 07570 128 340


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